“There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless.”

- P L A T O, The Republic 

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Enjoy CHAPTER ONE from my new Wall Street Novel:  HEDGED    !!!

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This is a story about a girl who got in way too deep on Wall Street…

It’s written for every trader out there who has ever lost money in the market.

I’ve been there.



     I wanted to stop. I didn’t want to do it….But I was lying in bed… and I couldn’t help myself.

     The craving arrives… it overwhelms me…. it comes without warning…and I’m in it again.

     Oh, God, it feels so good.

     This position.

     This is it… this is it.

     Oh, don’t stop. That’s it, keep going…

     I’m elated. I’m in ecstasy. I need more. Much more. Oh, God, I’m in over my head again. I’m in way too deep… but I can’t stop myself.

     I won’t.

     I don’t need to, my other side argues.

     You’ve got this.

     You 100% got this.

     I stare straight ahead. My eyes hold a dangerous gleam. My senses are all heightened; everything takes on a visceral sense. I am in another state, another world, another mind. My heart races and it’s good today. So good.

     My cat, Sam, enters my bedroom. He jumps on my desk and sits beside me, erect and kingly.

     My hand grabs the mouse as easily as the way Adam took the apple from Eve, and I click and click, buying more and more. I’m sitting in front of six computer screens… and I’m day trading… I’m in a Chinese stock: SOS and it’s going higher…

     I bought in way too high days ago and it had plummeted. I was going to leave it alone, let it ride, not sell out of my other positions, but I had to. Because if I averaged down and bought more, I would make more.    Eventually, when it popped.

     And boy was it about to.

     It just broke out of a descending channel and hit a new weekly high. The stock was still hammered; I managed to get my account back up to $177,000 from the $25,000 I started with after I blew up trading Apple options. What a nightmare that was.

     But I came back.

     Because I always come back.

     I’m a trader.

     A fucking trader.

     I can and do beat the market on a daily basis.

     And today will be no different.

     Today I will win.

     Because that’s what it’s about: winning.

     And I’ll always be a winner.

     For a moment, my finger twitches… I hit the keys… stocks flash in green and red, a dizzying narcotic blur of columns and numbers…. Warp speed. Everything’s a blur. The blinds are closed; there are no reminders that a real world of duty or drudgery exists beyond my seductive cocoon.

     Assurance and wisdom fill my enormous green eyes with radiant luminosity as the stock ticks up… again… and again… and again.

     The phone rings. Ignore it, I tell myself. I’m too close now…On the fourth ring, I hear it: “Jolette, it’s Paul. I’ve left you four messages. Will you ever call back?”

     I see a spider walking across the cover of FORTUNE magazine. I lift the magazine, carry it over to the open window, and set the spider free.

There’s a large picture of Hedge Fund Extraordinaire Steve Benson staring right back at me with the caption: “Manipulator or Visionary?”

     I stare at Benson’s photo more intently. He’s perfectly coiffed with a king-of-the world smile. I’d give anything to work for him someday.

     Sitting back down at my desk, I reach for my red bandana and wrap it around my forehead. I study charts assiduously. My heart pounds with increasing speed. Adrenaline burns through my bloodstream.

     I check the stock message boards: From TexasTrader12: “I am out with my girl and saw the price. My boner exploded through my pants and knocked over the table.” From BlockChainStar: “Hold til 80! Don’t sell!!!” with the stupid Leonardo DiCaprio GIF from the Wolf of Wall Street.

     I turn to the chart again. And I’m astonished. That one can make this fast, this easily, this much money with the click of a mouse.

     I start to click and unload the shares as the stock goes higher and higher, clicking and screaming, “OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!!!”

     Selling into the momentum, I keep going. YESSSS!! YESSSSSS!

     And a glorious message pops up on my screen: “You sold 8,800 shares of SOS at 9.03, net profit +$15,654.”

     I’m manic, euphoric, orgasmic! I jump out of my chair, “We did it Sammy!”

     Wearing short-shorts and a white T-shirt, I lift my cat off my desk and swing him wildly in the air! “FIFTEEN GRAND IN THE BAG!!!” I croon, twirling.

     “That’s fifteen thousand, not fifteen hundred, Sammy – fifteen THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!”

     I put my cat down and he vanishes like a swift, invisible shadow.

     Sitting back down in my chair, I stare at my screens, contemplating my next trade. I’m lost in a high so incredible, I will chase it again and again for all the rest of my days. I check the chart of Bed Bath and Beyond. It looks delicious. I back up the truck. And I buy in. A tasty 7,000 shares.

     Let’s go…

     Making one dollar is too many.

     Making fifteen thousand is never enough.

     Bring it.

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